Few aircraft can match the Hawker 800XPís combination of comfort, cabin size and range, making it one of the most popular midsize business jets.

The Hawkers eight passenger cabin offers more space than any other business jet in its category, with stand-up headroom along the entire cabin length and designed to support all the necessities of the well-equipped in-flight office. It also has the largest baggage compartment of any business jet in its class, all of it accessible in-flight as well as on the ground, allowing you to bring equipment for presentations or reams of important documents without sacrificing space in the Hawkers cabin.

Based on Hawkerís Jet family, operated around the world, the Hawker has been tested and proven in the demanding world of business aviation. At altitude, the Hawker can effificiently cruise 3,250 nautical miles with eight passengers, a range that allows you to cost-effectively put your team in the heart of new business opportunities.

From Dublin the Hawker gives non-stop access to locations such as Moscow, Istanbul and the east coast of America. WestAir is approved by US Customs and Border Protection to operate flights to the USA. WestAir is also approved by the US Department of Transport under the Visa Waiver Programme.

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